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Housemate Ninja’s mission is to help you save time and money to find the perfect housemate.

With social media dominating our lives, living with people is a social experience and finding a housemate should be as well.

We want you to feel comfortable choosing who you live with, find like-minded interests and live in a harmonious household to avoid all those nightmare housemate stories you hear about.

Why is it called Housemate Ninja?

When you have ninja skills, you know how to act quickly to ninja what you want. When you ‘ninja’ a housemate, you find your perfect housemate quickly and easily before someone else does.


Match to Like-minded Individuals

You find out a lot about a person based on their interests. Bookworm, Party-goer, music lover, movie buff… you can find common interests to improve your likelihood of a harmonious household.

Save Time

Don’t wait around for someone to apply for your room. Find someone instantly.


Keep your personal location and phone number secure until you feel comfortable. Our in-app chat allows you to communicate with potential housemates before you give them your address or phone number.

You Decide

You decide how broad or refined to make your search. Need a housemate asap? Broaden your preferences for more results. Only comfortable living with someone the same age or gender? Narrow your results for best match.

Our Team

Kellee Morgan


Housemate Ninja is founded by Kellee Morgan. Based on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Kellee has many years of business and marketing experience and has been entrepreneurial from a young age.

Development Ninjas


Our team of Development Ninjas are located in Sydney, and have been working tirelessly to create the vision of Housemate Ninja.

We want you!

Are you a superstar dev? Marketing genius? A Boss at Business Management? Angel Investor or Advisor?
We’re always looking for the right people to create an amazing team so if you’re interested contact us now!

We’d love to hear from you!