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Quicker and Easier

A dedicated app for both iOS and Android means it’s easier to search for your next room or housemate at your fingertips.

It’s Your Choice

Input your desired housemate preferences to narrow your search.
Be as broad or refined in your requirements as you wish, to instantly retrieve a perfect match.

Have a chat

The in-built chat function allows a quick push notification to alert you to interested matches and chat requests. Conduct a quick chat with your new potential housemate and get to know them, ask them the questions you want to know, before giving out your personal information.

Convenience at your Fingertips

Our features have been carefully selected to allow you to save time finding the perfect housemate

Easy Log In

Create an account quickly and easily or connect with Facebook for convenience.

Profile Creation

Create an epic profile to stand out from the other potential housemates. Be yourself so that you can be accurately matched.

Search for a Room or Find a Housemate

Enter your room details or your search requirements to be matched to your ideal room or housemate.

Shortlist Potentials

Save your favourite listings & profiles to connect with when you’re ready.


Use our inbuilt chat to ask & answer any questions, help with shortlisting & decide when you are ready to share your personal information.

Happier Housemates

Feel more comfortable knowing more about your housemate and save time by connecting instantly, for a happier, harmonious household.

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